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Meet our Team! (and happy holidays, of course)

Happy Holiday Season!

Somehow, the year coming to a close! Now is a great time to (re)introduce you to the team. Please feel free to drop us a line if you’d like a recommendation for which team member to see! You can always contact the stylists directly, and we are still doing virtual consultations on Zoom, which you can book on Vagaro. If you follow our social media, you might already have a sense of their personalities and specialties, but here’s some more info about who they are and what they love to do:


@jonathanroberthair $125/hour

Jonathan (he,him), a Boston local, specializes in wearable, naturalistic hair color like blended blondes and melty brunettes, often styled with beach waves. His charming and friendly manner brightens up the room and makes us laugh every day. Jonathan excels in helping clients reflect how they wish to feel on the inside by making them look gorgeous without.


@ban_she_cuts $125/hour

Jett (they/he), who hails from Portland, OR and Texas, is our resident cutting specialist. Trained in precision cutting (think: short hair and bobs) and passionate about natural texture, Jett works with each client to create a look that enhances their hair and compliments their lifestyle. Jett is a kind, caring and warm person whose aim is to meet clients where they are, with compassion and understanding. They are especially passionate about gender-affirming cut transformations.


@hairwitchsarah $100/hour

Sarah (she,her), a Tennessee native who moved to Boston late winter of 2020 (great timing!), excels at both naturalistic and experimental color. Perfectly at home with wearable, believable looks, Sarah also loves playing with bolder looks like vivids and block color. She is extremely detailed and exacting for such a young stylist, and her warm manner puts everyone at ease. Her newest passion is learning all about extensions, and she plans to become our resident extension specialist.

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